GMHS New Security Updates

Double Buzzer Security Entrance

The new security walls and buzzer entrance have proven to be successful. Students, parents, guardians, faculty and staff have quickly adapted to the new procedures and traffic patterns. Having a double buzzer entrance provides an extra layer of security and comfort for everyone.

Fly Sense Devices

The new anti-bullying and vaping detecting devices have arrived and will be installed in the student bathrooms. These devices are a censoring device and not a camera or recording device. They simply detect when vaping is occurring and when there is an incident of excessive noise levels in the bathrooms. GMHS is one of the first schools to adopt these devices and have received several calls from other school districts interested in our implementation.  Click the following link to see an interview conducted by Good Morning America with the creators of the device.


Gaggle monitoring system is currently being installed by our technology technician Ben Rubino. Gaggle assist in ensuring our students are safe at GMHS by monitoring email accounts through Google. Emails, pictures and files sent through a student’s school issued email are filter for inappropriate language and attachments. Gaggle is not an app uploaded to iPads, cell phones or personal devices but enhances the security filter through the Google search engine. Click on the link to learn more

Exterior Doors

We are in the final stages of connecting the GMHS exterior doors to a notification system. When completed, a text message and email will be sent to an administrator and staff members with a notification that a door has been propped open. This new feature will allow for a timely response when a door is ajar.

Sandy Hook Promise “SaySomething”

This week, a representative from the Sandy Hook Promise organization trained the Georgetown superintendent, police officers and GMHS staff and administration on how to manage the new anonymous tip reporting app “SaySomething”.  Final setup should be completed next week. Once the system has been tested, student information assemblies are scheduled for October 1, 2018. The assemblies will consist of informing the students the purpose of the app, how to appropriately access and submit information. After school lets out, a trained representative will then meet with the faculty and staff. Later in the evening at 5:30pm, the representative will be available for a parent/guardian session in the GMHS Auditorium. Stayed tuned for more details.

Raptor ID System

The Raptor ID system has proven to be successful. Each time a visitor comes to GMHS they report to the main office and are asked by a secretary for their license. The license is then processed through a sex offender data base and if the guest is cleared, a visitor’s pass with their picture and destination is produced. The secretaries have found the process to be streamlined and timelier than the previous guest sign-in protocols. Guest visiting GMHS have been accommodating and thankful for ensuring our students, faculty and staff are safe.


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