Schoology Update, 4/6

April 6, 2020


Dear GMHS Parents, Guardians, Faculty, and Staff


Today marked the start of Phase 2 Student Online Learning, called Georgetown Connects.
The middle and high school teachers are using a common platform called Schoology to provide consistency for everyone and streamline the overwhelming volume of enrichment material students have been receiving over the past few weeks.


This morning at 9:00 am, our teachers were ready and excited to begin our first virtual sessions to deepen our student learning and engage in discussions with them. During this time, some classes found success connecting, while others did not. When we were notified of the problem our technology integration specialists and the Director of Curriculum & Instruction were immediately informed and they contacted our representative from Schoology. The representative explained that GMHS’s account services are being upgraded to accommodate our expanded needs and this caused the sporadic service. For what it is worth, many other schools are experiencing the same type of sporadic service issues and are also working to resolving it. The representative explained that we may see inconsistent service tomorrow during peak times (8:30 am – 3:00 pm) and recommends students try to log-in before or after these times. The system should be more consistent starting Wednesday, 4/8. 


Students should be reassured that any deadlines they received for assignments will be pushed back. Teachers will be in contact with each of their classes to communicate this message and to support our students in any way. I cannot stress enough, students should not be concerned with deadlines and should focus on their social/emotional well being.


Finally, let me reassure you our technology team continues to work with our service representative and will provide me with updates, which I will pass on. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.




Mr. Dan Richards


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