Locker Clean Out Schedule

Middle and High School Locker Clean Out Schedule

Middle School

On the week of May 4th the custodians at MHS bagged and labeled all student’s belongings in the Middle School lockers. During the week of May 26th On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 7am and 2pm, parents/guardians will be able to pick-up their child’s belongings in the cafeteria. Students’ belongings will be laid out on tables in alphabetical order. Please enter the cafeteria to the right of the main lobby entrance.  Parents/guardians will need to follow social distancing guidelines by wearing a mask and standing 6 feet apart. If you are not able to pick up your child’s belongings, please reach out to Principal Richards at   At the end of the year, there will be a different schedule for students to return their school materials.

Middle School Locker Rooms
If your child has items in the locker room, please bring them with you to the pick-up. They will be allowed to go into the locker rooms and collect their belongings. Please remind your child to wear a mask.
High School

For grades 9 to 12 for the week, May 26th students will get an assigned time and will be able to go to their lockers to get their belongings. Please see the links below for assigned times. Students will be required to wear masks while in the building and will enter the school through the main lobby. When students enter the building, they will be given a pair of disposable gloves. If you are not able to retrieve your belongings during the scheduled times, please email Principal Richards

High School Locker Rooms
If students have items in the locker rooms, they will be allowed to enter the rooms and retrieve items.
End of the year Book Return
Students will return all their school books and materials the last week of school. A schedule will be posted.
Seniors 5/29
On Friday, 5/29 the seniors will clean out their school lockers and gym lockers. They should bring all books, uniforms, and equipment with them to be returned and dropped off in the cafeteria. At the same time, they will pick-up their cap and gowns. All student must wear a mask when entering the building and maintain a social distance. Below is a link of the scheduled times.


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