Opening of School Information

Georgetown Middle/High School

Opening of Schedule and Information

The opening of school will be Remote Learning for all students starting on Wednesday, 9/16. Students will attend school Monday-Friday online. All students need to log into their Schoology accounts to find their class links. Teachers will be posting the links today, 9/14 and tomorrow, 9/15. If you do not find your class link by 1:30 pm on Tuesday, 9/15 please email your teachers directly. They will then share the link with you.

The first three days of school are posted below:

  • Wednesday, 9/16 Day 1 – Blue
  • Thursday, 9/17 Day 2 – White
  • Friday, 9/18 Day 3 – Blue

* The Blue and White schedule days have nothing to do with the students’ cohorts. To avoid confusion, it is probably best for students to remember their cohorts by days and not the color. The cohorts will go in effect when the school committee decides to switch from Remote Learning to Hybrid Learning.

Attendance is taken for each class. Please be sure to be present for every period of the day. Teachers will be keeping track of students’ attendance and submitting to the main office. If you will not be attending school because you are sick or unable, your parents/caregivers will need to call the school each day, 978-352-5790. This is the same protocol when school is in session.

Grades do count. In the spring we were on a Pass/Fail grading system. This is not the case for the fall. Please make every effort to keep your grades up. At the end of the year, each quarter will count towards your final grade for the class and will be part of the students’ permanent transcript. If you have a discrepancy with your grade, please contact your teacher.

* If you need assistance with Schoology, please contact Ms. Marchetti or Ms. Schwarzkopf

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